Podcasts of Interest to Communication Disorders

This site provides links to a sampling of podcasts of general interest to professionals in communication disorders. In most cases, the descriptions were written by the podcasters themselves -- I'm not personally recommending them or certifying that they are what they say they are.

So far, the categories include podcasts about language, about specific disorders, medical/healthcare topics, and podcasts dealing with the policies and issues in healthcare and disability services. No doubt, these will expand as more and more podcasts become available.

If you find or create a podcast that should be listed here, please contact me (tab above).

Note that just like most other information on the Internet, podcasts are not fact-checked by anyone. Be careful about recommending podcasts to clients when the source of the information is unknown or has unknown credentials. It's fine if everyone understands, for example, about a podcast by parents for parents. But if medical or other professional advice is being given, then credentials should be clearly presented on the podcast home website.

This is NOT a complete index of podcasts -- many new podcast series are appearing daily, and you should explore a couple of the podcast indexing links on the first Resource page to find more -- about hobbies, religion, news, places of interest, new technologies, and just people talking.


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