Podcasts Related to Specific Disorders

ADHD Podcasts for Children: The Dr. C & Elwood Show HOST: Dr. C & Elwood
DESCRIPTION: ADHD Specialist Dr. Sam Caron and Elwood, a puppet with ADHD, discuss topics related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in an entertaining and informative way, and answer your questions! drc@adhd1.net Call Toll Free 1-800-993-ADHD (2343) Parents and children should listen together! www.adhd1.net/adhdpodcast

Autism Podcast
HOST: Michael Boll
DESCRIPTION: Welcome to AutismPodcast.org. This website is dedicated to providing information about working with children on the autism spectrum.
LOCATION: Denver Colorado

HOST: Sandra Sinclair
DESCRIPTION: Autismvoice is an autism podcast and weblog for parents of children with autism, Aspergers, PDD, PDD-NOS, and related autism spectrum disorders. We cover diagnosis, interventions, advocacy, family life, and other things related to autism spectrum disorders. Interventions covered include ABA - applied behavioral analysis, RDI - Relationship Development Intervention, Son-Rise, VB - Verbal Behavior, Floortime, Speech, as well as other interventions for autism and related disorders. - By Sandra Sinclair

Walking with Alec: Our Journey to Rescue Our Son from an Autism Spectrum Disorder
HOST: Kelly Langston
DESCRIPTION: In May of 2004 we received the "label" of "Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified" for our then 2 year-old son Alec. Daily with God's help, and the help of friends we are meeting along the way, we are searching for the steps to take to help Alec on this journey for recovery. This is a record of that journey.
LOCATION: Charlotte, NC

Speech Matters
HOST: Dale G. Klein, M.A.,CCC-SLP, Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist
SPEECH MATTERS is a private practice dedicated to assisting business professionals sharpen their communication skills. This podcast series is intended to help individuals develop the skills to say what they want to say, as well as how they want to say it.

Individual Podcasts/Audio Interviews of Interest
Note from Paula:
Whether you subscribe to the StoryCorps or the "This I Believe" podcast series from National Public Radio or not, you've got to listen to these. The first is a 4 minute interview between 12 yr. old Joshua and his mom, originally titled: Joshua's Tough Questions for his Mother.

NPR's abstract:
Morning Edition, March 17, 2006 Joshua Littman was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, a form of autism, when he was 5. When he was 9, he joined MENSA. Recently, Joshua, 12, wrote a list of questions to ask his mother.

This short interview between 2 daughters and their father who has Alzheimer's is beautiful. It is also part of the StoryCorps series and was titled: As Memories Slip Away, It's Still a 'Wonderful Life'

NPR's abstract:
Morning Edition,
November 17, 2006 Five years ago, Ken Morganstern was told he had early-stage Alzheimer's disease. Since then, his memory has gotten worse -- and he has lost some of the stories of his own life. But he hasn't lost the idea of who he is.

The following story, from the NPR series "This I Believe," highlights the importance of speech recognition as an alternative access solution for a woman with ALS who can not use a keyboard.

NPR's abstract: I Always Have a Choice
Morning Edition, Dec 6, 2006. Catherine Royce was diagnosed with ALS when she was 55. She was a dancer for 30 years and a former deputy art commissioner for the city of Boston. Royce lives in Dorchester, Mass., where the family's dining room has been converted into her bedroom.

Temple Grandin, well-known speaker and author with autism, submitted this essay to the "This I Believe" series.

NPR Abstract: Seeing in Beautiful, Precise Pictures
Morning Edition, August 14, 2006 Because I have autism, I live by concrete rules instead of abstract beliefs. And because I have autism, I think in pictures and sounds. I don't have the ability to process abstract thought the way that you do.

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