Online Therapy Activities

The number of websites that include interactive, no-cost activities for speech and language therapy is growing daily. On this site, I make no attempt to include a comprehensive list. Rather, this is more like a favorites list that I occasionally update. If you find something outstanding somewhere, send me an e-mail!

The sites and activities linked here (see left navigation list) are grouped according to the way I think about using computers in assessment and therapy. So far, the categories include:

  • Conversation: Using the computer as a context for conversation (open-ended, flexible, learner-directed activities ideal for language therapy with a conversational partner)
  • CAI: Using the computer for drill and practice (computer-assisted instruction in which the computer controls the goals and direction of the activity)
  • Assessment: Using the computer for speech, voice, and language analysis
  • Jumpstations: Sites that include larger collections of links to multiple resources or activities of interest to SLP's, often including free downloadable software or online activities.


Print Resources/References

  • Cochran, P.S. (2005). Clinical computing competency for speech-language pathologists. Baltimore, MD: Paul H. Brookes.

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