Online Drill-and-Practice Activities

The activities linked below are designed so that the computer is functioning in the place of an instructor (hence, computer-assisted instruction). The person who programmed the activity determined in advance what the instructional objective would be, chose the stimuli and the consequences, and planned the sequence of events. In most instances, CAI also tracks user performance.

The Feelings Game This Do2Learn activity asks user to match emotion words to excellent photos of real people (children and adults).
Spelling pictures Spelling game requires user to fill in missing letters to complete words that are pictured (e.g., d_g for dog).
Grammar Gorillas activity with 2 levels of difficulty. Identify parts of speech in sentence context.
2Bee or Nottoobee Identify correct forms of the verb "to be" in sentence context; 2 levels of difficulty from
Antonyms Type opposites into online worksheet and check answers. An example of the grammar/language activities created by Lonn Swanson using the Quia interface.
Sentence or fragment? User must determine whether the phrase given is a fragment or a complete sentence. An example of the extensive collection of grammar/language, speech, phonemic awareness activities designed by Tracy Boyd using the Quia interface.

Print Resources/References

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