Other Frequently Asked Questions about Podcasts

How do I find out about more podcasts?
Do you use iTunes?
   Just click on the Podcasts tab!

Do you want to subscribe and listen on your computer? (no portable MP3 player/iPod needed) Try Juice (formerly iPodder) software, which is a free download. Install Juice and then you can “subscribe” to a podcast that way.

Do you just want to listen to one on your computer?
  Just click on the weblink for the podcast you’re interested in. Your computer will probably automatically open an audio program like Windows Media Player or RealPlayer (free downloads) to play the file once it is downloaded. Sometimes there is a "play" button right on the webpage that lets you preview the podcast.

There are several podcast indexing sites that you can search by category. Some of these are linked to this site under the Resource tab above.

What are the minimal computer system requirements?
Computer system requirements for listening to or downloading podcasts are fairly standard, and if you have a computer less than 5 years old, it will probably work fine without any effort on your part. These recommended minimum system requirements from the National Institutes of Health website give you the basics:
Processor: 266 MHz Intel Pentium II processor or equivalent
Memory (RAM): 64 MB of RAM
Internet Connection: Broadband (DSL, cable, wireless, satellite or powerline high-speed internet connections)
Sound Card: 16-bit sound card and speakers
Digital Media Player: Windows Media Player® 6.4 or RealPlayer® 10
Operating System: Windows® XP, 2000, 98, NT 4.0, or Mac OS
(http://www.nih.gov/news/radio/nihpodcast.htm, accessed March 19, 2006).

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