This site is about using technology in communication disorders. In particular, it focuses on clinical computing competencies that are recommended for speech-language pathologists (hence, CCCSLP). Everyone is welcome!

Clinical computing competency depends more on clinical expertise than it does on technical knowledge about computers. Nevertheless, there is plenty to learn and share. That is the primary purpose of this site.

A second goal is to help clinicians find other podcasts that may be of special interest to them. You'll find my podcasts and general information about podcasting under the Podcasts tab above. The list of podcasts from other sources that are related to communication disorders is found under the Resources tab.

If you create or find a podcast or series that other SLP's would want to know about, please tell me about it! (Contact tab above).

Podcasts related to this topic:

Series Title: Using Computers in Speech/Language Therapy
Podcast #1: Computer literacy vs. Clinical computing competency. Hosted by Paula S. Cochran, Ph.D., CCC-SLP.


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